Monarch Cottages Website Design specializes in gorgeous website design, clear and concise styles and affordable prices. Named for the herds of migrating butterflies that flutter through here every summer, Monarch Cottages Website Design is just as much a people pleaser as those butterflies.

Author Websites

Monarch Cottages specializes in author websites. Whether you are indie or traditionally published, you’ll need a website to showcase your books, your brand and yourself. Branding makes the difference between an author having a presence and having a PRESENCE.

Business Websites

Businesses NEED to be on the World Wide Web. Whether your website is an online brochure or an interactive site with videos and shopping carts, if you aren’t out there, they will not come! Monarch Cottages can help you get started for a reasonable fee and show you how to make the updates yourself. We also supply a variety of hourly plans if you’d rather we did the updates for you.